Military Training

The available USGI cadre of professionals is built upon highly credentialed former and retired professionals with expertise developed over decades of service in virtually every US Government Department or Agency.  Building upon the highest credentials available in their fields, USGI SMEs  bring years of experience to each training task. We can customize existing training plans to support  virtually any scenario from tactical engagements to strategic exercise support.   USGI also has strategic partnerships in place that provide access to multi-thousand acre training areas which  include state of the art shooting ranges, urban and rural training areas, surveyed HALO and static line drop zones, helicopter LZ/PZ, tactical and off road driving courses, and maritime training environments.  


Law Enforcement Training

The USGI police mentor training team is comprised of former local, state, and federal law enforcement professionals.  Like their military training counterparts our police training team has experience training, advising, andand mentoring US and foreign police organizations. Our library of instructional programs can be easily tailored to support a variety of department or agency specific requirements. 


Personal Protection Training

The security of persons and sensitive information must be a top priority of leadership at every level. Understanding the threat is the most important component of avoiding  identifying and avoiding situations that can rapidly deteriorate. Corporate training in situational awareness, safety procedures, travel protocols, threat identification, threat mitigation, and emergency protective measures is a wise investment in establishing a proactive personal and corporate security plan.